Back from FEW

30 05 2005

FEW was tons of fun this year. Last year I didn’t get to meet as many people, but this year, since it was a bit longer and there were suggested bars each night, basically everyone knew everyone else by the third day or so. It was also nice to meet various people that I’ve seen online a lot, like Matt Weiner, Jonah Schupbach, Gillian Russell, Neil Sinhababu, and of course Sahotra Sarkar, whom I had met only briefly last year. And of course it was nice to meet the others as well, but I figured I’d link to my fellow bloggers. (If there’s anyone I left out, let me know and I’ll include the link.)

There were also a lot of nice interactions between the topics of the various talks. For instance, Alison Gopnik’s work on the way children learn the causal structure of the world seemed to have a lot of relevance to some of Andy Egan’s discussion of causal decision theory. And Gillian Russell’s inference (implication?) barriers had a lot to contribute to the discussions on several other papers.




One response

1 06 2005
Bob McGrew

I like the idea of suggested bars. I think that should be extended to CS conferences. 🙂

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