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22 07 2005

This week there were several undergraduate philosopher students visiting the ANU at least in part for a conference on philosophical methodology. Among these students was Richard Chappell of Philosophy, etc. It’s always exciting to meet more philosophy bloggers in person. And the other students I met were quite nice and interesting as well, and I’ll have to continue my discussions with them when I visit Brisbane and Melbourne over the next few weeks of my stay in Australia.

And my most recent post got a comment from Greg Frost-Arnold of Obscure and Confused, a new philosophy of science blog. I suppose it isn’t technically a logic blog, but it’s still enough in my general area that I’m glad to welcome him to this little part of the philosophy blogging community. He’s got quite an interesting post already about just what naturalism about metaphysics is supposed to mean, and another nice one about when inference to the best explanation is justified in philosophical contexts.




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