11 11 2005

I apologize for problems in posting comments lately. I discovered that I seem to have accidentally added “http:”, “..”, “…”, and “m…” to the list of banned strings in comments. I think some of these things had occasionally stopped me when I tried to post comments here, but once “http:” was there, it basically prevented all comments, because of the html that gets added between your writing it and its getting published. But now it should be fixed – and I’ve also removed “” from the list of banned strings as well, for good measure. The only relatively innocuous word that’s still there is “poker”, but since having that there seems to block several hundred pieces of comment spam per day, I think its worth not being able to have a discussion about that famous incident between Wittgenstein and Popper. Also, there’s a bunch of pharmaceuticals and body parts that you won’t be able to name in the comments either, but if you really feel the need, you can e-mail me at easwaran at berkeley dot edu, and I should be able to add the comment manually.




2 responses

11 11 2005

Wow, that Popper/Wittgenstein book about the incident with the thing for moving logs around fires looks good. I’ll have to hunt it down!

14 11 2005

Upgrade to 3.2 then instead of just banning these words you can create a Bayesian style filter of comments. This works great on my blog. Apparently I am getting all sorts of spam but it is all thrown into my junk comment section and I never even hear about it.

Even better it allows you to give a bonus to regular contributors of non-spam. Thus I could talk about all those words and so could other people who regularly comment

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