26 11 2005

This post has no philosophical (or really mathematical) content – hopefully I’ll soon have a finished draft of the talk I gave last week to the Berkeley math grad students on forcing and the Continuum Hypothesis. It’s got no original material, but I think it should be a fairly accessible introduction (well, as accessible as it’s going to get), and I don’t know of any that exist elsewhere. If anyone else knows of one, let me know! I’ll put mine up soon once I’ve proofread it and such.

Also, I started using Google Analytics to check my viewing stats, and they’re finally available. I’m getting far more views than I expected – 51 on Monday, despite no new content in over a week! In addition to the unsurprising clusters in college towns, like 5 from Stanford, 4 in Ann Arbor, and 3 from Melbourne, there’s 3 from Iasi, Romania, and several from South America. I’m guessing the latter is because of a link from this blog by Juan de Mairena – unfortunately I don’t read enough Spanish to understand much of what’s going on there, or why he linked to all the logic blogs I know of, plus one in Spanish (which seems to have interesting liar- and Yablo-type paradoxes).

I suppose it might be a bit spooky that I can see how many visitors I get from various locations, and from which referrers, etc. But I think most bloggers have some way of checking this – I just hadn’t signed up for such a service until now, and I might be able to get a bit more info about readers because I have so many fewer than some of the bigger blogs.

Anyway, real content soon, I promise.




3 responses

26 11 2005

Hi Kenny, you have a very good blog!

I am a mathematician from Argentina working in nonlinear differential equations and blogging about science and math.

26 11 2005
Anthony Widjaja To

Hi Kenny, keep up with your excellent blog! I often read your blog (using bloglines) but have been quite silent. There were several blog entries of yours which I intended to leave comments but got sidetracked.

In any case, please post a draft of your talk on forcing and continuum hypothesis. I have wanted to learn these things but haven’t found any good introductory writings on these. [The one I have most seriously attempted to read was Kenneth Kunnen’s book.]

27 11 2005
Kenny Easwaran

Thanks for the votes of confidence! I’ll try to have the writeup on forcing up in a day or two.

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