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9 01 2006

I’m participating in a session on blogging in philosophy at the Pacific APA in March, with Brian Weatherson, Gillian Russell, and Jon Kvanvig, so I spent a large part of this weekend glancing through the blogs on Dave Chalmers’ list. Sorting them by date created, I noticed some interesting patterns – for instance there were big bursts of new blogs formed in May/June 2004, and January 2005 (including this one). The May/June 04 burst is when most of the group blogs were formed (though a few of them really only have one person who does almost all the posting), and is also the time when topically focused blogs (like basically all the ones in the sidebar here) started becoming common. It looks like December 2005 may also have been a burst of new blog formation, but it remains to be seen how many of them last and how many just haven’t been noticed by Dave Chalmers (or any of the blogs he does list) yet.

Anyway, I discovered some other interesting links:

Someone else has discovered the Frege hair coloring salon, which I meant to take a picture of last time I was visiting near UCLA.

The list of papers for the USC/UCLA Graduate Conference is up. (In addition to me on this blog, you can find Neil Tognazzini at The Garden of Forking Paths and Aidan McGlynn at The Boundaries of Language. I don’t think the other three have blogs.)

David Corfield has a blog! Somehow I didn’t notice this (and neither has Dave Chalmers yet), but I’ll certainly have to start reading it. (And maybe this means I’ll finally get around to reading his book, which I’ve been meaning to read for almost two years, since a friend pointed me to John Baez’ review.




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13 01 2006
David Corfield

Hi Kenny,

I’d be very happy to discuss any thoughts you had on my book here. Naturally my ideas have become clearer to me in the 2 or 3 years since I wrote it.

Best, David

14 01 2006

When I start reading the book (hopefully soon!) I’ll post my thoughts – I’d of course be thrilled to have you take part in the discussion. Thanks!

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