Melbourne Visit

18 06 2006

Liek Richard before me (and myself last year), I had a nice visit in Melbourne. Unfortunately, it was fairly short because the tickets were more expensive at other times. It’s amazing how helpful it can be to explain your ideas to someone who isn’t working immediately in the same field – I got some useful ideas from my conversations with Greg and Zach that I spent some time writing up yesterday. In some sense they’re just points about how to present some of the ideas, but the right way to present and link ideas is certainly an extremely large part of the advances in most good work (if not 90% of the progress).

Anyway, so that this post has some slight amount of content itself, here is a link my boyfriend sent me to a talk by psychologist Daniel Gilbert on decision theory, and how people are often bad at estimating both probabilities and utilities. I find it particularly interesting because I’m talking on Tuesday about decision theory here in Canberra (I’ll be repeating it at the AAP in a couple weeks, and I gave a version a few weeks ago at Stanford as well). But also, it’s interesting that someone could be talking about this stuff to a general audience at South by Southwest (which apparently is much more than just a music festival).




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