Frank P. Ramsey Appreciation Society

11 01 2007

I recently stumbled upon the FPRAS webpage through a fortuitously placed ad in Gmail. It’s good to know that there’s a society devoted to this important intellectual figure, but it’s a bit distressing to know that they have such poor web design sensibilities. Also, the only description it has of the society suggests that it’s all about Ramsey Theory, ignoring his philosophical and economic contributions. Ramsey Theory is definitely very interesting stuff – on one level it basically says that if you’re looking at a big enough collection, then there’s bound to be some ordered substructure. (More precisely, for any positive integers n and k, there is an N such that any coloring of the edges of a complete graph on N vertices with at most k colors has some set of n vertices where all edges between them are the same color. For 3 and 2, the value is 6, so that if you have 6 people at a party, there are bound to be either 3 mutual acquaintances, or 3 mutual strangers.)




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11 01 2007

Jesus Kenny, that’s horrible

3 02 2008
John the Scott

I’m having problems locating the web page/site for the “Frank P. Ramsey Appreciation Society”. Do you happen to have the link?


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