2 04 2007

Who’s going to be at the APA Pacific this week? I’m commenting on a paper on Wednesday morning, and I certainly have other sessions I plan on being at. However, I need to come back to Berkeley on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon for teaching. I may head back into San Francisco later in the afternoons to see another session if I can make it in time, but I’ll be more likely to if people know about anything interesting going on those evenings.




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2 04 2007
Richard Zach

I think all the really interesting things are on Wednesday, which is a shame, since I’m only getting into town at 3 on Thursday.

3 04 2007
Aidan McGlynn

John Bengson, together with Marc Moffat, is leading a session on know how between 4 and 6 on wednesday:

III-J. Symposium: Know-how and Concept Possession
4:00-6:00 p.m.
Chair: Phyllis Rooney (Oakland University)
Speakers: John T. Bengson (University of Texas–Austin)
Marc Moffett (University of Wyoming)
“Know-how and Concept Possession”
Commentators: Kevin Falvey (University of California–Santa Barbara)
Aaron Zimmerman (University of California–Santa Barbara)

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