24 04 2008

I suppose it’s been about four months since I last updated here – partly that’s been because I was busy with the job search, and partly it’s because I’m still finishing up my dissertation. Anyway, I’m glad to announce that I’ll be taking a tenure-track position at USC starting next year. Additionally, I’ll be spending two semesters as a post-doc in the RSSS department of philosophy at ANU, most likely from June to December of 2008 and of 2009. Part of the reason why it took so long to sort out my job situation is that I’ve been trying to make sure these two positions will be compatible. (Part of the reason was also that the tenure-track offers I did receive were all offered to other people first, who turned them down.) At any rate I’m very excited to be affiliated with both of these institutions. The other job offers I had were also quite attractive, and it was very hard to turn them down.

I’ve missed a few things in the past few months that I should mention. My second book review was published, as was my first actual paper:
Review of Jody Azzouni’s Tracking Reason
“The Role of Axioms in Mathematics”
Plus, I also got a paper accepted to Mind, and a paper (with Mark Colyvan) accepted to The Australasian Journal of Logic!

Also, since I was tagged by Shawn, here’s the 5th, 6th, and 7th sentences of p. 123 of the book that happened to be closest to me when I read his post (which is Roger Penrose’s, The Road to Reality, which I’ve been using so far to refresh my multivariable and complex analysis, and hope to eventually learn a bit of physics from).

From the complex perspective, we see that 1/z is indeed a single function. The one place where the function ‘goes wrong’ in the complex plane is the origin z=0. If we remove this one point from the complex plane, we still get a connected region.

From now on I hope I’ll be back to more regular posting.




4 responses

25 04 2008

Congratulations x4 (or x6, or 7)!

I’m very glad to hear you’ll be within driving distance, too — at least for 6 months of the year.

25 04 2008

My parents are also glad that I’ll be not too far from Vegas!

25 04 2008
Neal Tognazzini

Hey Kenny,

Congrats — sounds like you kicked some serious job market butt this year! I saw you from across the room at the APA is Pasadena a couple of times, but never got the chance to say hello. I’m glad to hear about your successes. It gives us future job-seekers some hope.


25 04 2008

Thanks! I saw you there, but you always seemed like you were talking to someone else, so I didn’t get a chance to say hi. I was going to ask how you had been doing, but I suppose you weren’t on the market just yet. Anyway, best of luck, but I’m sure you’ll do well!

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