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13 05 2005

Andrej Bauer of Carnegie Mellon has started a new blog called mathematics and computation. So far he has interesting posts about typesetting math on the web and the law of the excluded middle. Looks like there’s a lot of blogs sprouting up in these areas this year!

EDIT: Andrej Bauer is actually at the University of Ljubljana now, and no longer at CMU.




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14 05 2005
Andrej Bauer

I used to be at Carnegie Mellon University, but I have since graduated and am now faculty at the Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana.

I try to stay away from philosophy of math. I fancy myself as someone who works with constructive mathematics because it’s interesting math, not because of some philosophical conviction.

14 05 2005

My apologies – I had seen your name associated with CMU before, I believe in connection with Forum 2000 or something, and your website still has links to CMU. I should have noticed the links talking about Ljubljana though.

I myself am agnostic on the strength of the philosophical arguments for constructivism in mathematics (and other areas) at this point, but like you I’m definitely convinced that it’s an interesting area to study independently of the philosophical arguments.

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