Arrival in Canberra

9 07 2005

I’ve just arrived in Canberra at the ANU after the rest of the AAP. It was good to see people I’ve met at FEW again, and to meet a whole lot more people. Interestingly, though there were a lot more people, there were a lot fewer bloggers. (As far as I can tell, just Gillian Russell and Dave Chalmers.)

Perhaps the highlight of the conference sessions for me was the three consecutive sessions on ontology by Laurie Paul, Josh Parsons, and Ted Sider. They (together with what I heard of the Metametaphilosophy conference I missed the previous week here in Canberra) made me think again about some stuff I was working on trying to define a notion of equivalence for metaphysical views, basically showing that some standard views are realized by conservative extensions of one another with a natural one-one correspondence, and thus they say nothing different from one another. I’ll write about this in more detail later I’m sure.

Of course, there were many other great papers as well – far too many to mention much about them here, but they’ve given me lots of good thoughts on logic (Gillian Russell), mathematics (Hartley Slater, Koji Tanaka), and “mere terminology” (Dave Chalmers), as well as making me think about a lot of issues in time and causation (Huw Price, Richard Corry) that I wouldn’t have thought about much before. And I’ve probably forgotten about several others that I’ll remember when I look over my notes again.




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